Following these guidelines will help ensure that your branding is reproduced to the highest quality and will avoid common technical issues.

Supplying Your Logo

If you’re supplying your logo for our design service to use in your branding area, the best file format is vector AI, EPS or PDF. Unlike ‘bitmap’ formats like TIFF, JPEG and GIF, vector graphics can be printed at any size without loss of quality, or pixelation (where the square pixels that make up the graphic become visible).

If you only have access to bitmap (pixel) formats, then your logo must be at least 300 ppi in resolution at the final size that it will be printed.

It is unlikely that a logo taken from your website will be high enough resolution to print to an acceptable quality.

Supplying Your Own Artwork

If you’re creating your own artwork for the branding area, we have helpful templates available to download from our templates page.

Our required format for supplied artwork is PDF.

If you’re preparing your artwork using Adobe software, please export/save your file to PDF using the ‘PDF/X-4:2008’ PDF settings included with Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud.

The use of general office software such as Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint is not recommended, but if you’re using such software, please save your file as PDF, with PDF/A selected in Options.

If you are using Microsoft Publisher, save your file as PDF, using the Commercial Press setting in Options.

Before sending your PDFs, we advise that you open them in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader to check for any errors or unexpected results.

Branding Areas


Branding Area

Large Wall Calendar

280 x 56 mm

Small Wall Calendar

195 x 39 mm

Large Desk Calendar

120 x 30 mm

Small Desk Calendar

115 x 30 mm

Large Wall Planner

280 x 56 mm

Medium Wall Planner

195 x 39 mm

Small Wall Planner

140 x 30 mm

Large Desk Pad

342 x 68 mm

Small Desk Pad

230 x 46 mm

Large Jotter Pad

132.5 x 33 mm

Small Jotter Pad

93 x 23 mm

Supplying Your Own Images

If you’re having a bespoke calendar designed, using your own images, they should be at least 300 ppi in resolution at the final printed size. Below is a guide to the required pixel dimensions of your images.


Image Size (pixels)

Large Wall Calendar

3307 x 2126

Small Wall Calendar

2303 x 1476

Large Desk Calendar

1417 x 945

Small Desk Calendar

827 x 555